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Shop by Nutrients

What if supermarkets were designed to organize products based on nutritional value as opposed to product categories? With clear guidance on the optimal quantity of products shoppers should purchase from each nutritional category, people will intuitively adopt healthier portion control and eating habits.

What will this look like? Imagine stepping into a grocery store where the produce and fresh foods sections are designed into compartments consisting of food items that highlight a specific essential nutrient. Upon entry into a section, let’s say Vitamin A, you’d be greeted with visual cues as the quantity of items that would be necessary to meet nutritional requirements based on family size and the # of days in which you are shopping for.

Instead of focusing on convenience, this model aims to take shoppers along a nutritional journey with the ultimate end-game being health and longevity.

With digital commerce breaking out in the grocery business, shifting the traditional convenience-based operations of grocery shopping into something more of an experience in education and wellness is an differentiating opportunity to preserve some of the human interactions that undoubtedly will be desired as people become more distant in this virtual age. Translating this into curb-side pickup will be as intuitive as re-designing digital interfaces of websites to align with this nutrition-first organization of products.

A shift in the culture of grocery shopping is one that will be a challenge to execute upon. It would disrupt the grocery industry and remap business relationships throughout the supply chain; hence, the “what if” preceding this article. However, in thinking about the potential public health benefits, as well as its influence on how an important piece of our daily lives can be redefined for the better, this will be a cool little pilot in an alternate universe.

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