Michael Cao | Discovering a Wellness App for Defense
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About This Project

A project to discover needs, values, and perceptions to drive the design of a wellness app for all forces members

Defense, Health and Wellness, Research, Strategy
About This Project

This was a project of Discovery, with a group within the Department of National Defense to create the blueprint for the development of a health and wellness app for all military members across the nation.


The goal of the research was to capture a set of personas, requirements, and story boards to ultimately synthesize a product topography playbook that will guide the development of this app. In conducting observational studies, context labs, and participatory prototyping sessions across the nation with diverse people within the military, my research was able to produce a total of 7 behavioural personas, a holistic features list, along with story boards to socialize the use context of each feature. In collaboration with product realization experts, we created a product topography playbook that demonstrate the function and impact of features in aligning business goals, as well as the sprint planning to develop, pilot, and assess them.


The final product consisted of features that leveraged high quality data from scientist groups to facilitate: physical fitness, nutrition, and mental performance. Additionally, a special emphasize was placed upon social gamification and rewards to facilitate adoption and user engagement.