Michael Cao | Researching A/V R for children
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About This Project

A series of research projects on the visual system within virtual and augmented reality environments for children

Augmented Reality, Neuroscience, Research, Strategy, Virtual Reality
About This Project

A list of research projects within academia throughout my journey in MSc neuroscience. The core of my research focused on the visual and sensory systems of children through studying interactions, behaviours, and experiences within virtual and augmented reality environments. I structured this core focus into two distinct components to optimize impact of research outcomes: foundational insights and In-vivo insights


01/ foundation insights – a series of primary research to understand the neuroscience behind children’s development in multiple sensory systems – vision, vestibular, and somatosensory systems


02/ In-vivo insights –  a series of primary research to gather behavioural insights as children interact within various conditions inside of virtual and augmented reality environments