Michael Cao | Mapping Patient and HCP Journey
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About This Project

A 12 week project culminating in a 126 page report detailing out two connected realities of patients and HCPs surrounding a particular disease state, guided by the goals of :


01/ Understand experiences of ************ procedures from patient, HCP and administrator perspectives

02/ Engage in human-centered discovery to identify and validate unmet needs and use cases

03/ Develop a detailed patient journey map, focused on the continuum of care

04/ Document/identify quick wins within the context of the broader ******* vision with the focus on opportunity areas where ********* has a right to play & drive value for the business


The project was designed into 3 phases:


01/ Framing and Immersion (3 weeks): kicking off the project through stakeholder alignment activities, while building/framing the essential elements of research such as recruitment screeners, discussion guides, research plans, etc

02/ Understand and Insights (6 weeks): conducting primary research consisting of interviews and labs with diverse groups (n=35+) of patients, nurses, physicians, surgeons, administrators. simultaneously drafting a horizon scan report detailing out market and tech trends of adjacent businesses and industries.

03/ Research Synthesis (3 weeks): organizing data and synthesizing insights to drive strategy and design opportunities. The output of this phases included 8+ personas, 4 experience maps, over 20 design opportunities, and 2 ideation workshop with senior leadership, all reflected in the culminating report, designed to be an evidence based playbook to direct implementation for the organization.

Understanding Patient and HCP Experience to uncover design opportunities to elevate products and strategies

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