Michael Cao | Creating an Internal Design System for Big Pharma
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About This Project

Creating an Internal Design System to Unify and Elevate Design

Design System, Experience Principles, Health, Research
About This Project

This was a Build project to elevate internal design standards and branding alignment through the creation of a unified design system. The clients felt that the catalogue of apps and products created by their internal development teams were dispersed in style, with varying levels of design aesthetic – simply put, they wanted to create a system to unify design. Focusing on the internal internal developers and designers within this large pharmaceuticals company, my research team worked to understand the current experiences to synthesize strategic design principles and areas of activation for the creation and implementation of a design system. Principles ranged from technical design system recommendations to activations in cultural and process changes.

Our Iterative Approach (remote-research)

01- 1:1 Interviews with diverse groups for baseline insights

02-Synthesize Strategic Design Principles through learnings (work process, culture, individual experiences and perceptions)

03- Context labs with user groups to refine strategic principles

04- Conduct Comparative and Future Scan (as examples) to activate the principles and stimulate thinking

05- Support Design Sprints in the creation of components, information architecture, and taxonomies

06- Collaborate with Content Writing to execute on strategic design principles

07- Concept Assessment Labs to test prototypes