Michael Cao | Human Factors Engineering on a Production Line
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About This Project

A human factors research project to provide engineering recommendations to retrofit production line to enhance efficiency and safety

Human Factors, Manufacturing, Research
About This Project

This was a Human Factors research project with the aim to enhance the efficiency and safety of a production line within a unionized manufacturing facility. The goal of the research insights was to provide recommendations for designing augmentations to the current production that are human centric, as well as acquire buy-in with the worker’s union staff.


My research approach consisted to a lengthy period of immersion (3 weeks) with the workers on the plant floor to understand the process, individual pain points, and ideas. My research took these insights into multiple context labs (2 with workers, 2 with management, 2 mixed) to begin ideation. As all research activities were designed and facilitated in close collaboration with union leaders, the resulting recommendations received praise and excitement from both sides of work (management and union).