Michael Cao | A Study into Haptics in VR
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About This Project

A study into the influence of haptic feedback on visual perception in VR

Neuroscience, Research, Virtual Reality, Wearables
About This Project

This was an Exploratory research study during my MSc neuroscience experience in the University of Waterloo. The research was a probe into the influence of haptic feedback on visual perception. The questions were that if you see a simple 3D object, how well are you able to mimic that size of the object with your hands? and vice versa Рif you hold an object, how well are you able to approximate its size using your visual system? Lastly, does this relationship change between a real world and virtual reality environment?


The research was conducted on 21 university students, totalling over 100 hours of data collection. The data indicated that the relationship in communication between the tactile system (haptic feedback) and visual system remained fairly consistent between real life and virtual reality – although there were some weaknesses to the study design.