Michael Cao | Designing Experiences Amidst a Pandemic
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About This Project

Principles for Designing Experiences Within a Covid-19 World

Experience Principles, Paradigm Shifts, Research, Strategy, Thought Leadership
About This Project

This was a Thought Leadership research project with the goal to make sense of the uncertainties and convolutions in the world surrounding the COVID-19 Global pandemic by building a set of guiding tenets for practitioners of experience design. In working with experts in foresight, design research, economics, and anthropology, the research team conducted interviews with SMEs in relevant domains, to gain insight into multidisciplinary perspectives of  the effects and paradigm shifts associated with the pandemic in the realm of culture, society, and individual behaviour. The result of this research was a report of organized thinking that highlight a holistic point of view to guide thinking in the experience design world.


Snippet of the research outcome (1/4 experience principles):

01/ Design for emerging cultures & behaviours – people often change, but their needs remain the same. Over the course of history, we’ve redefined our needs and found new ways to cater to them – this time is no different. Designing for hygiene, space, and renewed social interactions should all be at the forefront of experience.