Michael Cao | Mending Relationships
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Mending Relationships

What if there was a way to reach out to those we wish to, but can’t because of a complex interplay of human uncertainties and emotions? Imagine a platform that allows people to signal they are ready to talk. Sometimes, a simple affirmation can get things started

What will this look like? Imagine a world where we remove the uncertainty behind whether or not someone else is ready to listen to what we have to say? As this uncertainty is a common cause of people never reaching out for that much needed conversations, why not just remove it? As a platform, or an extension to a current social platform, this “what-if” proposes that we adopt a form discreet signalling to allow counterparts to know that they are indeed ready to talk. Just like a flag on top of a castle gate to signal when to let the draw-bridge down, a system such as this will enable those seeking reparations to just go for it.

A system to discreetly signal that you are now ready to talk, so that those who need to join the conversation knows

Contrary to what the “left on seen” means, this type of signal aims to do exactly the opposite. Later progressions of this may include the insertion of carefully curated prompts to either party to spark areas of thinking and discussion. Perhaps links to professionals in both physical and virtual settings can also be progressive introduced.

This platform leverages the human desire to reconnect and forgive. As we often go through complex series of decisions and emotions, nobody is perfect. We all have people we wish were still in our lives, and so this idea looks to create a simplified way to reach out to make amends.

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