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What if we leverage the power of AI and generate movies featuring ourselves within future or fictional scenarios? Humans are vicarious creatures, which is why “envisioning success” is a common mantra prior to a high-leverage situation. Why not go beyond imagination, and literally see success

What will this look like? Imagine a digital library of videos in which you can “choose your own adventure” by customize the script with your voice (a la Adobe’s project VoCo), and select characters to map your face onto (a la deepfake technology), to create an immersive story-telling exhibition starring yourself. By customizing template videos with individual likeness, users are able to perhaps create new forms of entertainment, leverage as a visualization tool, and even gain confidence through watching them perform vicariously in aspirational situations

An ability to see oneself in an alternate reality, for the purpose of entertainment, inspiration, or visualization

As current technologies exist for personalized text to speech, alongside visual placement of faces into videos using deep learning algorithms, this idea is closer than we think. A challenge to execution is a cultural and ethical one in the realm of data privacy. In order for the launch of a product such as this, important considerations need to be made for the protection of data; in this case, the likeness of an individual.

Over the course of the years, there is an ever shift into personalizable story-telling be it through video games or “choose your own adventure” videos/movies. Implementing a technology such as this would spark creativity in many individuals, while at the same time enable those seeking inspiration to be inspired by themselves.

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