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Health Receipts

What if there was a digital wallet of nutritional receipts from every transaction involving food? A nutritional receipt from the weekly grocery run would estimate intake for the week, as receipts from ad-hoc buys will provide more accurate real-time fluctuations of an person’s consumption.

What will this look like? Imagine a digital receipt from your weekly grocery run with a total of all the calories and nutrients that you purchased for consumption for the next 7 days (or until your next trip). Now imagine that any purchases you make on food items throughout the week will also include a digital receipt with the nutritional information that will be added to this composition of weekly consumption. Now finally, imagine an AI that can analyse this total weekly intake and provide goals for weight loss, recommendations of healthier eating habits, and/or a projection into future health? This is the power of accurate and intuitive food intake tracking.

A hands off, accurate way to track weekly food consumption, as opposed to the tedious daily calorie trackers we currently use

For an idea labelled “what-if”, this one is actually not as far-fetched as it might appear. Nutritional information for various food types are well documented and are rather simple to capture and analyse. Systems already exist to attach information to SKUs and digital purchases. Digital receipts are already able to be sent to emails based on credit card information. The main challenge with this idea is to amalgamate these existing technologies, as well as merchant+user acquisition (like most start-ups).

Consumers have expressed unequivocal interest in the tracking of health metrics ie. steps, heart rate, sleep, etc, to which many do not do much with that information. Automatically tracking weekly food consumption in a meaningful way may be the most important and direct health indicator out of all the rest in enhancing well being. Clear transparency of what goes into our bodies will raise consciousness of food selection and open up a myriad of opportunities to enhance decisions.

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