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Good Bets

What if there was a platform to record and action all the wacky dare-bets we make with friends? What if we then suggest “good bets” where we provoke people to wager good deeds? Imagine a platform where if the Yankees lose, I’ll donate 50 masks for the frontline workers facing this pandemic

What will this look like? Remember the last time you wanted to make a bet with a friend but you didn’t know what to bet? What about the last time you finally thought of that funny dare to bet and actually won, but everyone including yourself just forgot about it? Now imagine a platform to provide recommendations for various dares to bet with an undertone of social goodness through links to local charities and non-profits. By tracking a history of bets and wagers alongside a gamification mechanism to stimulate interactions, users are able to reflect back upon nostalgia, while also feeling good for contributions to the community.  As an example, “I bet you David will get up and eat another slice of pizza” would potentially net someone an afternoon of volunteering at a local charity bake-sale.

A platform to spark social currency, while making sure that our friends are punished for making the wrong wager

The concept of social currency is one that has been piloted in multiple communities around the world at various time throughout history. Even within companies, there are an essence of this within rewards programs for good performance (ie. an online shop where business successes leads to points in an online store).

This platform leverages the power of play and competition between close friends to positively impact the communities that have brought them together in the first place. People often feel there is a lack of time to contribute, however what is truly lacking is organization and framing.

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