Michael Cao | Experiences
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Idea Couture/ Cognizant – Design Researcher

Toronto, Ontario

Nov 2019 – Present

  • Leading disruptive research projects to uncover actionable CX and UX insights with clear through-line into the development of future products, services, and experiences across diverse industries (Health care, Hospitality, Utilities, Sports, Food, and Government)
  • Designing research playbooks through thoughtful curation of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and data analysis protocols, while aligning to business strategy.
  • Collaborating with clients within senior leadership and ELT through immersive story-telling, ideation workshops, and the delivery of interactive assets such as: personas, current state/future state journey maps, insights reports, prototypes, etc.
  • Building up internal design research practice through the development of new tools, methodologies, and thought leadership publications to contribute to the international design community
Department of Defense – Human Performance (UX) Researcher

Ottawa, Ontario

Feb 2018 – Nov 2019

  • Leading concurrent research projects to enhance user performance; designing and facilitating research protocols to quantify human behaviour through biometrics
  • Deploying statistical analysis to qualitative and quantitative data to inform design wireframes, product development, and recommendations to leadership
  • Pioneering methods in data collection through facilitation of card sorting, focus groups, eye tracking, GSR, motion capturing, and cognitive assessments
  • Exploring, investigating, and leveraging new technology/methods to enhance research capabilities and publications within a cross-functional team
  • Spearheading product development process through literature review, qualitative research methods, and design thinking to inform strategic decisions on national digital wellness platform
Nippon Professional Baseball – Neurocognitive (UX) Researcher

Hokkaido, Japan

Sept 2018 – Jan 2019

  • Established grass-root neurocognitive program with the goal of enhancing various on-field performance metrics and player development, working remotely
  • Developed business proposal, strategic research plan, budget, scientific protocols, and end-to-end program delivery 
  • Managed concurrent pilot projects to generate research, intervention delivery, program evaluation, and usability testing of in-house products 
  • Directing agile team consisting of researchers and data scientists to drive program deliverables
  • University of Waterloo – Neuroscience Researcher

    Waterloo, Ontario

    Sept 2016 – Sept 2018

    • Managed 4 cognitive research projects, developing efficiency in research method selection, data analysis (R/SAS), and oral/written presentation 
  • Prototyped sports performance tracking APP and wearable technologies, leading interviews, A/B testing, wireframing, persona generation, and product development 
  • Applied latest findings in cognitive science to design and development of digital tools and interfaces
  • Lectured undergrad. classes on key UX principles in psychology and neuroscience
  • City of Toronto – Ergonomics (Human Factors) Consultant

    Toronto, Ontario

    Jan 2014 – May 2014

    • Collaborated with interior designers on major office design projects, providing insight on user needs VIA workflow diagrams, persona analysis, and focus groups 
  • Designed and presented individualized workstation recommendations to management to optimally enhance health, wellness, and productivity 
  • Conducted usability testing and work analysis on organizational processes 
  • Hamilton Health Sciences – Ergonomics (Human Factors) Consultant

    Hamilton, Ontario

    Apr 2013 – Sept 2013

    • Completed 30 Usability assessments for diverse range of work tools: administrative, clinical, laboratories, facilities, and food services within the hospital network 
  • Developed 14 human factors tutorial videos and published on the organization intranet to promote injury prevention, work efficiencies, and decision making 
  • Trained health care professionals in principles of human factors, and presented information sessions to various units/departments
  • AO Smith Coporations –  Ergonomics (Human Factors) Consultant

    Fergus, Ontario

    Sept 2012 – Dec 2012

    • Planned and executed 2 major engineering projects to reduce postural and load risks within multidisciplinary team, leading to a follow up of 27% decrease in reported accidents 
  • Individually programmed and launched data collection system using internal injury reports to predict and quantify risk of individual job components within manufacturing facility 
  • Facilitated Union-Management collaboration in the promotion of wellness/safety through the creation of a participatory ergonomics challenge on the organizational intranet 
  • People understand numbers, but resonate with stories.