Michael Cao | The story, work, and thinking
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Michael leads diverse research programs in experience design with a strategic focus towards leveraging evidence-based behavioural insights as the building blocks for the development of technological innovations. With intimate design research experience in the utilities/energy, professional sports, health-care, and defence industries, Michael brings an arsenal of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to cultivate rich understanding of human tendencies, capacities, and desires. Michael is an avid practitioner, enthralled with intuitive design, who visualizes and builds the future state of services, products, and experiences. He holds a MSc in neuroscience alongside an ongoing MSc in Human Factors in Information Design. Away from the desk, you can find Michael on the basketball court working on his J’s, out in nature with his better-thirds Jennifer and Monkey, or deep into a podcast about something irrelevent.

Experience Design Research Methods0%
Data Analytics & Statistics0%
Information Architecture0%
Research and Design Team Management0%
Human Insights Comm.0%
Experience Design Strategy0%
Workshop/Ideation Facilitaiton0%
BSc Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

A co-operative program, enabling professional work experience with established organizations and leading human factors and ergonomics consulting teams.

MSc Neuroscience, University of Waterloo

A thesis-based program with focus on understanding human behaviour and cognitive tendencies, through eye tracking and motion capturing technology.

MSc Human Factors (UX), Bentley University

An international course-based program with focus on applying User Experience concepts, tools, and practices in collaboration with partnering businesses.